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What is Electronic Rust Protection (ERPS) and How Does it Work?

Electronic Rust Prevention System aims to make it possible for the owners of cars and other vehicles not to worry about the effect that rust can have over them.

This Electronic Rust Protection system makes it possible to protect not only the exteriors but also the interiors of any vehicles from the ravages of rusting. In fact, this system is effective in preventing rust in all those places inside the vehicles that are immune to even the work of various chemical rust prevention agents. Use of this technology can help in keeping your vehicles looking new, and it works well on both old and new vehicles alike.

All about ERPS and its Workings

The Electronic Rust Prevention System or ERPS works by slowing down the rate at which the iron present in any vehicle reacts with the water present in the atmosphere in the form of moisture. This is because rust is simply the product of a chemical reaction between iron and water, and any Rust Proofing technology aims to hinder this reaction.

This method aims to prevent rust formation by interfering with the opposite charges present in the molecules of iron and water. The exceedingly effective nature of this system lies in the use of the proprietary Electronic Capacitive Coupler System, which prevents oxidation of iron by continuously replacing the lost electrons from that metal. Therefore, the Electronic Rust Protection system is unmatched in its efficacy.


The Electronic Rust Prevention System works through the following few stages –

  • The ERPS Power Unit is responsible for transferring an output voltage to the electro-couplers.
  • Next, the electro-couplers play an integral role in turning the entire metal surface of the vehicle into an electron-rich negatively charged surface by itself acting as a the positive plate. The paint of the car helps in holding the charge static by acting as a dielectric.
  • The negative surface helps in providing a continuous supply of electrons to the iron, and in the process help in Rust Proofing the vehicle.

The ERPS system has been nothing short of revolutionary in helping car owners in keeping their vehicles in top shape.  You should opt for a professional Car Rust Proofing Service by SuperCool to ensure that your vehicles does not suffer from the damage caused by rust.



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