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Top 5 benefits of Rust Protection

As the weather heats up on the Gold coast and you’re heading to the beach…have you thought about rust protection for your car or vehicle. Here are SuperCool Southport’s top 5 benefits of Rust Protection and why you need it!

1: Gives protection against rust

At SuperCool we know rust can be the result of stone chips, abrasions, water and sea spray. By applying rust protection methods, you can prevent the forming of surface rust and structural rust.

2: Can be applied to new and used vehicles

The sooner it is applied the better and it will not repair existing rust but you will be ensuring the future protection of the body and structure.

3: Assist with maintaining resale value

Rust-proofing helps preserve the beauty of your car’s finish and keeps the vehicle resale value from decreasing.

4: Longer vehicle life

A vehicle without rust will last for years. It will be safer, look better and be more structural sound.

5: You will have a safer vehicle

Rust can compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle. Because rust is considered a safety issue, your vehicle will not pass a roadworthy certification with any structural rust.
Rust can cause corrosion to any metal surface in the car and even though new cars come with a level of protection this does not allow for our beach, fishing, camping and four-wheel driving lifestyle we live on the Gold Coast. Isn’t it worth it to protect your investment!

There are three main types of rust proofing available on the market – Chemical Rust Protection, Electronic Rust Proofing and Underbody Protection. Talk to your local SuperCool rust protection specialist on the Gold Coast as they will be able to advise you on the best method for your individual circumstances.

The best time to get your car, 4WD, ute, truck, commercial vehicle, van or trailer rust treated is now as the moisture that speeds rusting is always present. So, call SuperCool Car Rust Protection today on 07 5532 8133 and speak to one of our friendly staff or book online at

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