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7 Top Things to do on Fraser Island

Planning a 4WDing trip to Fraser Island? Listed below are a few of our favourite things to do, included are great photograph spots, awesome swimming holes and simply fun locations. 

Before you go, remember to make sure your 4WD has been rustproofed. If you are not sure what you need call the friendly team at SuperCool for some free advice.

1. Visit Lake McKenzie

One of our favourite places on Fraser Island has to be Lake McKenzie. This huge, freshwater lake is perfectly clear and reflects the bright blue sky above, making it seem almost magical. It’s the perfect place to stop for a swim. It makes for an unforgettable experience. Find Lake McKenzie here.

2. Drive the 75 Mile Beach ‘highway’

Yep, it’s a highway that’s also a beach. It comes with road signs, police speed cameras and everything! Load up your 4WD and drive along this iconic beach highway that is, yep you guessed it, 75 miles long. It’s also a very popular spot for beach fishing and during peak season, you’ll find hundreds of keen fishermen and women lined up. Find 75 Mile Beach here.

3. Float down Eli Creek

Eli Creek is another favourite spot and a place we suggest you visit. Walk the boardwalk through the bush until you reach the end, then jump in the fresh, cool water and let it carry you along the gently winding path down toward the ocean. It’s incredibly fun and beautiful and a must-do when visiting Fraser Island. Bring a tube or floaty device for extra fun! Find Eli Creek here. 

4WD-ing around fraser island

4. Visit the Maheno Shipwreck

There’s a good chance you may have seen photos of the shipwreck before as it’s frequently photographed and easily recognisable. The wreck was bound for a Japanese wrecking yard when she came to her demise during a cyclone, washing ashore in 1935. Now, she’s rusty and majestic and a must-visit on Fraser Island. Find the Maheno Shipwreck here. 

5. Take a trip to Indian Head

Possibly one of the best viewpoints you’ll find on Fraser Island, Indian Head is not to be missed. Walk up to the headland for insanely gorgeous views of the coastline at the most easterly point of Fraser Island, at the end of 75 Mile Beach. Find Indian Head here. 

6. See the Champagne Pools

Close by to Indian Head, along 75 Mile Beach, the Champagne Pools are an incredible set of swimming pools you just won’t find anywhere else. This must-do spot is the safest place on the island for saltwater swimming, as you’re protected in the pools, formed by volcanic rocks, while the waves crash over the rocks. The name Champagne Pools comes from the tiny bubbles that form, resembling a glass of champagne. Find the Champagne Pools here. 

7. Watch the sunset

The sunsets on Fraser Island are stunning and you should take in as many of them as possible. A great place to watch them is from the beach in front of Kingfisher Bay Resort. You get to see the sun go down on the horizon, setting the sky ablaze with bright orange, red, yellow and pink light. Find Kingfisher Bay Resort here.

The team at Supercool, Rustproofing & Air Conditioning hope you enjoy our top 7 things to do on Fraser Island!

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