4 Most Common Questions Asked About Car Aircon Regas

Car air conditioning systems cool the vehicle and its occupants in hot weather, and are now a common feature in most modern cars.

Why do I need a professional to do a aircon regas?

Regassing or recharging your vehicle’s air conditioning is a process of adding refrigerant into your car air conditioning system so that you can have cool chilling air blowing out from the vents. Vehicle air conditioning refrigerant gases are damaging to the environment if released irresponsibly, so it is essential to have your system serviced by a qualified professional. This way, the removal of the existing gas in your system can be completed to meet all the environmental and legal regulations.

How often do I need to regas my car air conditioner?

Typically, each car with air conditioning system needs to be serviced every 2 years as refrigerant gradually leaks out over time. You will find the air conditioning in your car is not as cold as it used to after a long period of time.  Supercool Southport recommends replacing the refrigerant gas in the air conditioning system every 2nd service.

How is it done?

A proper system evacuation needs to be done before each vehicle aircon regas in order to achieve the best possible result. During the evacuation, things like moisture, condensation, contamination objects or impurities will be removed from the air conditioning system. The system is then checked for any leaks before the refrigerant is put back into the air conditioning.

How much does it cost?

The team at Supercool Southport would be happy to provide a quote for your car’s air conditioning re-gassing, but many people believe that when your car air conditioning stops working, it has just run out of gas and needs re-gassing.  However, if your car air conditioning systems has not been regularly serviced, an assessment of your system could show there has been a substantial system failure that was caused by, or led to, the air conditioning refrigerant and system lubrication escaping.

Supercool Southport will do a thorough analysis of your car’s air conditioning systems and provide you with a quote. Please call 07 5532 8133 now to make a booking or visit the website by clicking here!

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